Production safety is as important as Mount Tai



Since its establishment, the company has always upheld the responsibility for safety, focusing on Taishan's production philosophy, and has made production safety the top priority of production work.
On July 13, 2018, the company appointed Mr. Zhou Haitao, the deputy general manager responsible for production management, to participate in the "Promotion Conference on the Construction of a Double Production Safety Prevention System" organized by Anqiu Xin'an Street Office. Chaired by Director Xu Zhigang, Director of Anqiu Safety Supervision Bureau Li Jianguo and Director Sun Yeyou, and Director of Security Inspection Department of Xin'an Street Han Baocheng attended the meeting and gave speeches.
Director Han Baocheng read the important notice of the "Promotion Plan for the Construction of a Double Prevention System for Safety Production Sub-insurance Classification Control and Hidden Danger Investigation and Treatment in 2018";
Director Li Jianguo gave a detailed interpretation and guidance on the construction of a dual prevention system for the management and control of production safety risks and the detection of hidden dangers;
Director Sun Yeyou emphasized and made specific arrangements for the dual prevention system;
After the meeting, Deputy General Manager Zhou Haitao conveyed the spirit of the meeting of the leaders of the municipal party committee in a timely manner and made new arrangements for the company's work safety.
1. Standardization of production safety. We will standardize, scientifically, systematically, and legalize production safety, strengthen risk management and process control, and ensure that production safety becomes the normal state of production work.
2. Responsibility for production safety. Take groups as a unit to supervise each other to ensure production safety.
3. Strengthen equipment management to prevent safety accidents caused by equipment. Do a good job of safety prevention.
The company's production policy is based on safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive management to improve the level of production safety, prevent production accidents, ensure personal safety and health, and ensure the smooth operation of production and operation activities.