Warmly celebrate Shandong Dalier Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.'s honorary title of "Specialized and Special New" SME in Shandong Province



Since its establishment in 2015, Shandong Dalier Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. has paid great attention to product research and development. It has established three years of research and development of three new technologies and new products that have reached international advanced levels, and obtained five core independent intellectual property rights, including invention With three patents, the new products developed completely replace imported equipment, and have contributed to the development of powder equipment in China.
In October 2018, Shandong Dalier Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was recognized by Shandong Province as the eighth batch of "specialized and special new" SMEs.
My company's interpretation of "specialization and special new":
Specialty: Shandong Dalier Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (registered trademark is Dalier Heavy Industry) is a private enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales. The products are roll crushing equipment such as new Raymond mill and vertical mill. The new Raymond Mill registered trademark is "Chinese version of Raymond", which is the company's flagship product, and has obtained 3 invention patents and a number of utility model patents. In order to implement industrialization, the Chinese version of Raymond has purchased and installed 15 million yuan of processing equipment, set up a dedicated technical team, and laid a good professional foundation in terms of people, finances and materials. The Chinese version of Raymond can not only produce coarse powder of about 300 mesh, but also ultrafine powder (about 2500 mesh). Therefore, the Chinese version of Raymond specializes in occupying the high-end market.
Jing: Shandong Da Lier Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.'s Chinese version of Raymond uses new fluid mechanics principles, adopts unique structural forms such as crushing pairs, its performance has been significantly expanded, and it has aimed at Chinese manufacturing in terms of manufacturing and production environment. New ideas. The construction of the plant is constructed in accordance with the high standards and strict requirements of heavy industry equipment. All 18,000 square meters of ground are covered with high-strength mirror marble. All safety, environmental impact assessment, and fire safety inspection and acceptance standards have been met. The manufacturing equipment uses precision equipment such as numerical control, plasma cutting, and laser cutting. Excellence has laid the hardware foundation. The company adheres to the concept that quality is a design. The design has established complete large, medium, small, and extra large test prototypes. Through experimental transformation, re-testing and re-engineering, we strive to keep improving our products to be better. In the premise of technical performance breakthroughs, we also pay attention to Design of automation, intelligence, humanization and environmental protection and energy saving. Under the premise of innovative breakthroughs in principle and structure, the appearance design has also undergone a major change. The large-scale structure that has not been changed for more than a hundred years has been changed to be small and exquisite and large in function. In the words of the customer: "How is this Raymond Mill? Incredible, beautiful!". It can be said that in the actual market sales competition, the Chinese version of Raymond won first by appearance alone.
Special: Raymond mill is a traditional pulverizing equipment with a history of more than 100 years. It occupies half of the country in the flour industry and is a large industry. China is a large manufacturing country and is widely used because of its simple manufacturing, low price, and strong adaptability. But it is notorious for its large dust, high noise, many failures, and frequent maintenance. However, through comparison of various crushing models, our technical team found that Raymond Mill has a performance that is incomparable with all other crushing forms. We believe this is a great advantage and should be carried forward to a large scale. . For this reason, the company we established, through trial and error, changed all the shortcomings, and added ultra-fine functions, to achieve the lubrication of the grinding rollers can reach a single oil for one year (traditional Raymond mill once every shift injection) Oil), the system uses negative pressure operation, completely changed the phenomenon of dust out, and developed oversized models. Thanks to the efforts of our technical team, we have made a "infamous" Raymond into a "tall and tall" new device. Since then, Raymond Mill has boarded the "Daya Hall" and entered the high-end market. At present, the Chinese version of Raymond has been applied to the processing of lithium battery anode materials, which has achieved a nationwide competitive advantage and made new contributions to China's new energy products. And in the application of some unique properties of chemical products, has reached the level of filling historical gaps. In other cases, when the Chinese version of Raymond participated in the bidding, due to the difficulty of technical indicators, there was no second company except our company, which fully demonstrated the uniqueness and uniqueness of the Chinese version of Raymond.
New: The Chinese version of Raymond has obtained three national inventions and a number of utility model patents (and one invention patent is still being accepted), and the technology is non-stop and the best is not innovation. For the Chinese version of Raymond, we are still continuing to build and develop. We estimate that we will eventually apply for more than a dozen invention patents and dozens of utility model patents (considering confidentiality and leakage, several have not been applied for the time being). The Chinese version of Raymond is our independent innovation product, and its proprietary technology has been well received by the industry. Among them, industry experts commented that: Raymond Mill will usher in a new era. Due to the technological breakthrough of the Chinese version of Raymond, sales reached 2 to 3 times the price of similar markets, and achieved good economic and social benefits. Raymond mill equipment is a big industry. We are just at the beginning. Our company will not be arrogant and impatient. With this as a starting point, we are determined to create a new era of Raymond, to make our company bigger and stronger, and to welcome 2025 China. Manufacturing.